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  • Dr. Peter Stucz

Science-Based Nutrition

Feeling Well and Healthy are not beyond your reach!

A Science Based Nutritional analysis will let you know:

Your current health status-how healthy are you? What disease processes are taking place. How many vitamins and nutrients you really need.

How do you really feel? Are you feeling healthy? Does your doctor tell you that all of your blood tests are normal but you are still feeling sick and tired?  Are the supplements you are taking really helping to improve your health? Do you have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, strokes or cancer?  Do your medications have serious side effects that can actually harm your body?  Are you looking for a safe, natural, holistic approach to improved health?

Starting with a specific blood test, a hair analysis, a urinalysis, and an occult blood test, we are able to determine exactly what health areas need to be addressed.

We provide a detailed report explaining the results of the tests and which nutrients, vitamins and dietary requirements are needed to optimize your health.

Don't guess about your health.

Call us today and be on your way to improved health and longevity.

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