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Science-Based Nutrition is a method of using diagnostic testing (i.e. blood work, toxic element testing, urinalysis, etc) to reveal nutritional deficiencies or tendencies toward disease. Using these valuable tests, a doctor can make recommendations for proper supplementation and dietary changes and monitor progress. Science-Based Nutrition not only represents a method of the highest level of nutritional analysis but also also is an organization of doctors dedicated to providing this level of nutritional analysis. In the hopes of truly revolutionizing healthcare, SBN also provides continuing education for all doctors and nutritional healthcare professionals.

Have you ever asked yourself?

  1. How do you know if these vitamins are working?

  2. How do I know how much I need to be taking?

  3. What diet do "I" need to be following?

  4. Do I have any recourse for problems just beginning?

  5. Are these symptoms really just because I'm getting "old"?

  6. My doctor told me there's nothing wrong but why do I still feel bad?

Dr Pete can help you find the answers to these questions and more. Not only is Science- Based Nutrition the most important tool you can have for prevention of disease, but it can also be used to optimize the health of your body to promote healing and repair. Many problems can be identified in the blood long before you actually experience symptoms. Certain tests that when properly read, will indicate if you are progressing towards a serious illness, such as cancer, diabetes, liver, heart, or many other diseases. Dr Pete can identify the problem areas and carefully document major and minor conditions that may led to serious illness.

How do we know this works?

Commonly, Dr Pete will re-test you within a two month time period to determine your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your program according to how your body has responded. Interested in a specific health condition? See our SBN case studies to see what great progress others have had!

Early detection and correction are the keys to a healthy life. Get started on the path of heath TODAY!

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