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Non-Force Chiropractic is the original light force technique of Chiropractic founded and developed by Dr. Richard VanRumpt over 60 years ago. Non-Force Chiropractic gained the reputation of being able to correct difficult chiropractic cases where other approaches have failed. Dr. VanRumpt discovered that using a minimal amount of force was the most effective way of correcting Subluxations. which are misaligned structures that cause nerve irritation by either increasing or decreasing the amount of nerve, blood, and lymphatic supply to your body's muscles, organs, and systems which in turn can effect your body's ability to heal itself or to maintain good health.

Our belief is that your body has its own innate intelligence which gives it the ability to function from cells dividing to produce another human being, to the ability to heal bleeding wounds, to breathing in your sleep, to the functioning of your immune system and all other functions.

The intent of Non-Force Chiropractic is to correct all of these subluxations and the nerve irritation they create so that your innate life force can be free to function up to its full potential. This allows your nervous system to operate at its optimum tone correcting imbalances, thus expressing its maximum life force and healing ability.

At the heart of the technique is a method of challenging and leg measuring to detect the presence and location of a subluxation and using a thumb thrust to correct it. Specificity is an aspect that makes the technique so effective. Structures included in analysis and correction are vertebrae, ribs, muscles, discs, cranial, and facial bones, extremities, and soft tissue.

Pain relief is important to anyone who is suffering. Pain is the effects of the body's built in alarm system. Its simply a warning telling you something is wrong with the body. Every ache or pain, and every sign or symptom of physical disorder, be it numbness, tingling, indigestion, constipation, headaches etc., can be early warning signs of impending trouble.

Determining the basic cause of an illness or condition and effecting its correction without the use of dangerous drugs or surgery are the special skills of Doctor's of Chiropractic. By taking a detailed history, physical exam and other tests we will be able to determine what is the cause and what treatments are necessary to help alleviate the condition.

X-rays a concern with many, are taken only when it is medically indicated to rule out bone or soft tissue pathology, fracture, dislocation, anomaly, or for legal and insurance reasons when indicated.

Good Health is not an accident, proper nutrition, moderate exercise, plenty of water, and proper rest are necessary for your body to reach its maximum healing ability and maintain good health. Chiropractic care enhances your body's own natural ability to repair itself.

The low force adjustment is more comfortable for most than the twisting, cracking and popping usually associated with chiropractic. At each visit you are re-evaluated as to how your body has healed since last treatment and to find what it needs to be adjusted at that point. Your progress is always discussed with you. Because of the gentleness and specificity, Non-Force Chiropractic is the technique of choice for patients from birth through old age.

Why is non-force chiropractic so successful? 

Without using excess force, Non-Force Chiropractic uses your body's innate intelligence to guide the doctor in the direction your vertebrae needs to be adjusted.

What is Non-Force Chiropractic?: About
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